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Savory Vegetable Tart with Homemade Creme Fraiche

After sampling a version of this tart at a restaurant recently, I had to try and recreate it myself.

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Salad for Supper: Spring Veggies with Chicken and Israeli Couscous

Making dinner salads is more about the method, not the specific ingredients. I find if you mix a starch, a protein and a lot of good vegetables

Clockwise from top left: sun gold and early girl tomatoes, suffering zucchini plant, bunch of basil, oregano (with thyme in the background), jalapeƱos. Coriander (from cilantro plant) in center.

Asphalt Garden: 2011 Summer Season Earnings Report

I just brought in the final harvest from the vegetables I planted way back in March. At the start


Bread Baker: Molasses Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread

The joke about zucchini growers is that by the end of the season, they are desperate for new ways to process the fruit from their prodigious plants.


One-Bowl Meal: Pesto with Zucchini and Sausage

Last week I described my method for preparing and storing pesto. Pesto is something I


Asphalt Garden: Out with the Zucchini, In with the Green Beans

It's not you, zucchini plant, it's me. I think we should have some time apart; I'm sorry you'll have to be spending it in the dumpster. Yes, after


Asphalt Garden: It’s Time to Hand-Pollinate my Zucchini

The picture above documents the most depressing harvest from my garden so far this summer. Not only that, but these three shriveled and sad baby zucchini are


Asphalt Garden: Pampering My Zucchini and Crossing My Fingers

I was thrilled to see tiny zucchini fruit starting to form on my plant; so far this summer cultivating zucchini has been the most difficult of the


Asphalt Garden: Calculating Costs and Figuring My Break-Even Point

It's an exciting time for the asphalt garden - fruit has begin to set on both tomato plants and the jalapeƱo, and the zucchini has tons of


Asphalt Garden: Pruning, Fertilizing and Troubleshooting

It's been one month since I've planted my vegetables, and I think I can safely mix my metaphors and say, "Houston, we have lift-off!" Both tomato plants and

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