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Worthwhile Gadget: Magik Lint Brush

Using the humble lint brush yields a satisfying result.

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Worthwhile Gadget: Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

For Chanukah this year, my wife requested an automatic jewelry cleaner. Not only did IĀ get to skip buying her jewelry, but she wanted a cleaning device! This


Worthwhile Gadget: Three Kitchen Tools that Aren’t Considered Essential but Should Be

I am visiting my parents this weekend, which means I am in the land where good cooking goes to die. (Love ya, Mom!) That actually isn't very fair,


Worthless Gadget: Splatter Screens

As a bit of a neat freak, I hate it when I'm pan-frying something and oil splatters everywhere. After a couple of days (if I don't clean


Worthwhile Gadget: Best Tools for Baking

I decided to take a break from recipes for day five of The Seven Days of Sourdough, and instead talk about my two favorite baking


Worthwhile Gadget: Grill Pan

My wife and I got married because we love each other and wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. We also coveted a grill pan.


Worthwhile Gadget: Apple Peeler

My wife and I have oatmeal almost every morning, so I'm always on the lookout for new toppings. I wanted to try making stewed apples, but I


Worthwhile Gadget: Tortilla Press

From time to time I'm going to evaluate some of the kitchen gadgets I use and like. I'm not a gadget nut; I don't have special tools

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