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Asphalt Garden: 2012 Summer Season Earnings Report

This summer my vegetable garden saved me literally hundreds of dollars.

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Salad for Supper: Grilled Chicken and Italian Pasta Salad

I have many fond memories of eating a version of this pasta salad on warm summer evenings during my youth. I made a couple changes to it,


Savory Vegetable Tart with Homemade Creme Fraiche

I don't always try and replicate the foods I have at restaurants. Recently, however, my wife and I had a fantastic savory tart at Rustic


Roasted Tomato and Garlic Soup

For much of this summer, I've been getting all my tomatoes from my own garden. When my wife and I threw a party recently, we needed more


Asphalt Garden: Hornworms Nosh on Tender Tomato Shoots

As I was giving my tomato plants the once-over after returning from vacation, they all looked to be doing well to me. Then I did a double-take.


Asphalt Garden: Slice a Tomato and Check the Results

When I first started tackling the fungus problem in my tomatoes, I reported that the fungus had only been affecting the leaves, not the tomato


Asphalt Garden: Hearty Tomatoes Restore My Faith

A month ago, I was bereft. "I am mourning the premature death of my tomato plants once again," I wrote. A fungus had swept through the dense


Whole Wheat Pita Pockets with Mediterranean Meatballs and Tomato, Cucumber and Fennel Salad

I came about this meal by starting with a simple premise: I had a fennel bulb in my fridge and fresh tomatoes and cucumbers in from my


No-Cooking Dinner Party: Stay Cool and Relaxed this Summer

The current temperature map makes the United States look like the surface of the sun. Let's say you want to have people over to suffer in the


Asphalt Garden: Mid-season Report Card

It's the middle of July, and time to grade my garden's performance. Overall, I've been pleased with how things have grown. The best performances definitely came from the

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