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The Second-Annual Thanksgiving Pie Test

My friends tested variations on traditional Thanksgiving pies to help me decide which ones to bake on Turkey Day.

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Tested: What Is the Best Flour to Use in Pizza Dough?

I wanted to answer a simple question: Is fancy Italian flour better for making pizza dough than the more basic bread flour? Bread flour has more protein than


Tested: Does Using Instant Espresso Powder Make Brownies Taste Better?

I have known for a while that adding instant espresso powder is supposed to enhance the chocolate flavor in desserts. In fact, I shared a


Tested: Four Thanksgiving Pies Rated by Ten Tasters

Thanksgiving: It's all about the pie, right? I wanted to determine if it was better to serve traditional versions of our favorite pies, or do twists on


Tested: The Best Way to Roast Pumpkin Seeds

There are literally thousands of recipes for roasted pumpkin seeds, and they are all essentially the same: Scoop the seeds from a pumpkin and rinse them,


Tested: Seventh Generation’s Green Bathroom Cleaner

I'm unquestionably biased against environmentally friendly cleaners. In my mind, there's no real replacement for good ol' bleach when needing a heavy-duty cleaner. At the same time, I'm


Tested: How to Make Fluffy Matzo Balls

I've welcomed the challenge of cooking traditional Jewish dishes for my wife since we've been married. I knocked challah out of the park the first time I


Spring Cleaning Week: Purge the Pantry and Freshen the Fridge

There are daily, weekly and only-after-a-spill kitchen cleaning tasks that aren't hard to forget to do. Other things, like cleaning the refrigerator or weeding the spice rack,


Bread Baker: Pita Bread Tested

When I was pulling together the different recipes for the goat meal I was making, I knew I had to

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