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10 Steps to a Completely Cleaned and Organized Clothes Closet

A thorough closet-cleaning leads to untapped happiness.

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Spring Cleaning: 12 Ways to a Cleaner Home

Spring is in the air. It's time to open the windows and drag out the vacuum. Want to get cleaning but don't know where to start? I'll walk


Editor’s Note: One Month Down …

My wife and I were high school sweethearts, and we took our early anniversaries very seriously. For the first year, without fail, we exchanged cards every month. It


Spring Cleaning Week: Three Ways to Make Your Cleaning Life Easier

For me, cleaning is a constant game. The challenge: How can I clean as fast as possible, while still getting quality results? There are three products I turn


Spring Cleaning Week: Purge the Pantry and Freshen the Fridge

There are daily, weekly and only-after-a-spill kitchen cleaning tasks that aren't hard to forget to do. Other things, like cleaning the refrigerator or weeding the spice rack,


Bread Baker: Super Moist Cornbread

I know this recipe might be considered cheating - cornbread uses baking powder as its leavener, not yeast. You don't need to wait for cornbread to rise


Spring Cleaning Week: My Lifelong Love Affair with Vacuums

[caption id="attachment_318" align="alignleft" width="322" caption="I've loved vacuuming since even before I could remember, as this picture demonstrates. I was 11 months old."][/caption] When I was two and a


Spring Cleaning Week: Vacuum Purchasing Pointers

Despite my publicly admitted passion for vacuums, I didn't buy my first vacuum until rather recently.


Spring Cleaning Week at The Manly Housekeeper

photo from Violette79 It's the first full week of spring: flowers are blooming and temperatures are warming. It's also time to clean up a winter's worth of

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