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Bread Baker: Reviving a Dormant Sourdough Starter

After more than six months of sitting in the back of my fridge, I bring my sourdough starter back to life.

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My Cookie Tin: Sourdough Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

My wife posed a hypothetical question to me the other day: Can you make sourdough cookies? I had never tasted one before, or tried baking a batch. I


Bread Baker: Savory Sourdough Loaves

Today the Seven Days of Sourdough draws to a close with two more recipes. Yesterday I was too busy baking to publish a bread recipe,


Bread Baker: Sourdough Pizza

I've talked before about the need to be patient when working with sourdough. For today's Seven Days of Sourdough


Father’s Day Breakfast: Sourdough Pancakes

Today's Seven Days of Sourdough post is a perfect illustration of the versatility of sourdough starter. It's not just for bread; it can be used


Bread Baker: Caring for Your Sourdough Starter

Three days ago, I began growing a sourdough starter so I could illustrate the process from start to finish.


Bread Baker: Getting Psyched for Sourdough

In my occasional series, Dream Journal, I write about pie-in-the-sky goals (like roasting a whole pig or building a masonry oven) that I'd like to

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