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Asphalt Garden: Weather be Damned, I’m Doing my Fall Planting

I’ve got spinach, carrot, radish and beet seeds in the ground for my first round of fall planting.

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Asphalt Garden: Mid-season Report Card

It's the middle of July, and time to grade my garden's performance. Overall, I've been pleased with how things have grown. The best performances definitely came from the


Radish and Carrot Salad with Thai Basil

Radishes and carrots are both ripe and ready for picking in my container garden. I was looking for a simple salad to use up some product. A common


Asphalt Garden: Finishing my Spring Planting and Replacing the First Casualty

My four tomato plants, four basil plants and two cucumber plants are (relatively) safely stowed in their permanent homes. The


Quick Tip: Save Old Glass Jars for Quick Pickling Projects

It was time for my radishes to come out of the soil, but I didn't have an immediate use for two-dozen fresh radishes. I had an easy


Literal Garden Salad, Two Ways

My wife and I did something rather remarkable last weekend. We went down to the Asphalt Garden, pulled up a handful of radishes and a


Asphalt Garden: Did I Plant a Special Variety of Slow-Growing Carrots?

I planted my winter vegetables exactly 70 days ago. According to the seed package, the carrots should be ready ... today. When I pulled one out of


Asphalt Garden: Harvesting my Radishes, and Other Garden Adventures

Just four weeks after I put my radish seeds in the ground, I was pulling up my plants. Radishes really are the perfect vegetable for the impatient


Asphalt Garden: Thinning my Winter Veggie Seedlings

It's been a little more than two weeks since I planted radish, carrot, kale and swiss chard seeds. Things have been progressing nicely. Most of the seedlings are


Asphalt Garden: Finally Planting My Winter Vegetables

Almost a month ago, I started thinking about what I was going to next plant in my wine barrel

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