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Pumpkin and Mushroom Lasagna

A favorite family source comes through for the perfect seasonal lasagna.

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Is It Worth It? Roasting and Pureeing Pumpkins for Baking

Before Thanksgiving, I wanted to find out for myself if there was a difference between fresh roasted and pureed pumpkin and canned pumpkin. I've heard from multiple


Pumpkin Muffins

I wanted to bake pumpkin muffins as part of my fresh vs. canned pumpkin puree test. I went looking for a good recipe, and there are surprisingly


Tested: Four Thanksgiving Pies Rated by Ten Tasters

Thanksgiving: It's all about the pie, right? I wanted to determine if it was better to serve traditional versions of our favorite pies, or do twists on


Pasta with Bacon, Sage and Pumpkin Cream Sauce

For this week's pumpkin recipe, we're going savory. I tried making a different version of this recipe that included chunks of roasted pumpkin. The roasted pumpkin turned


Pumpkin Coconut Bars

Once a week I've been publishing a recipe that uses pumpkin. This time I took a request from the audience. Last week my wife came home with


Tested: The Best Way to Roast Pumpkin Seeds

There are literally thousands of recipes for roasted pumpkin seeds, and they are all essentially the same: Scoop the seeds from a pumpkin and rinse them,


Bread Baker: Pumpkin Bread Two Ways

For this week's pumpkin recipe, I wanted to cover that old holiday favorite, pumpkin bread. When I started to do some research for this post, I came


Ginger Pumpkin Bread

There are many different pumpkin bread recipes available. Some use walnuts and some use cranberries. Some have raisins and some have chocolate chips. Almost all include cinnamon


Pumpkin Sandwich Loaf

I've never thought of using pumpkin in a savory yeast bread, but when I saw a recipe from King Arthur Flour, I had to try

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