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My Cookie Tin: Basil-Lemon Shortbread with Strawberries

I hadn’t made a batch of cookies in a while, so I started to think how I could incorporate seasonal ingredients.

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When Life Gives You Lemons … Start Baking!

My wife's grandparents have a giant lemon tree outside their condo. When we visited them recently, I took the liberty of picking a dozen or so lemons.


Lemon Yeast Cake

In my mind, there's a clear distinction between baker's yeast and chemical leaveners. I use yeast in breads and chemical leaveners in cakes, cookies and other delicate


My Cookie Tin: Lemon Sable Cookies

With a bunch of lemons on my hands, I was eager to try out new recipes. This one, from King Arthur Flour, is the French


12 Days of Christmas Cookies: Pine Tree Cookies

I struggled with what to call these cookies. They could easily be called rosemary, lemon and currant sugar cookies, because that describes in a literal sense their


Beer Is Better: Wheat Beer-Poached Tilapia and Orange Salad

Lots of recipes for cooking with beer produce heavy dishes - plenty of stews and fried items. I wanted to make something lighter and healthier for dinner,


One-Bowl Meals: Lemon Chicken Pasta

This dish is another week-night go-to meal for me. For you Trader Joe's fans out there, you can buy all the ingredients at TJ's, including one specialty

Quinoa with cucumbers, tomatoes and mint.

Tomato, Cucumber, Quinoa and Mint Salad

Looking for a fresh salad to go with the goat meal I was preparing, I searched online for tomato, cucumber

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