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Dear TMH: Nonstick Cookware Safety and a Mad Men Party Report

In this edition of Dear TMH I address concerns over nonstick cookware and provide a reader-requested report on my Mad Men party.

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Dear TMH: Mason Jar Spice Storage and Serious Chocolate Chip Cookie Testing

In this edition of Dear TMH I share a reader's spice storage system and update my quest to find the perfect chocolate chip cookie. Want me to


Dear TMH: The Quest to Find the Best Way to Clean Oven Vent Filters and Mini Blinds Continues

In this edition of Dear TMH I try two different reader-suggested cleaning tips. Want me to test out a recipe or a cleaning tactic you’ve heard about?


Dear TMH: How Do You Clean Your Home After Recovering From a Cold?

This edition of Dear TMH is dedicated to one simple question: How do you clean up after you - or your partner or roommate - have infected


Dear TMH: Time for a Lightning Round to Purge my Inbox

In this edition of Dear TMH - the first of the new year - I clean out the questions and comments I never got around to answering


Dear TMH: Another Way to Clean Kitchen Vent Filters and the Best Way to Clean Marble

In this edition of Dear TMH I try out a reader-suggested way to clean oven vent filters, and share how I clean the marble tile in my


Dear TMH: Removing Carpet Tape and Finding Fire Extinguishers

In this edition of Dear TMH I test out a couple different methods to find the best way to remove one of the stickiest products known to


Dear TMH: Cleaning Grout, and Other Intermittent Cleaning Tasks

In this edition of Dear TMH I test a recommended way to clean tile grout, and cover some of the other cleaning tasks I forget to do,


Dear TMH: Bleaching Cutting Boards, the Best Basting Brush, and an Easy Cocktail Sauce

In this edition of Dear TMH: I follow up on my post about replacing and cleaning cutting boards, I recommend a modern alternative to the tired basting


Dear TMH: Anchoring Furniture and Purging Kitchen Pests

In this edition of Dear TMH, I share a more refined and elegant method of earthquake-proofing furniture and help get rid of the insects in your pantry.

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