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Asphalt Garden: Weather be Damned, I’m Doing my Fall Planting

I’ve got spinach, carrot, radish and beet seeds in the ground for my first round of fall planting.

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Asphalt Garden: When Cucumbers Attack

Planting in self-watering containers has been a revelation. Last summer's constant frustration (not enough water, too much water, etc.) has been replaced by a challenge of a


Asphalt Garden: Finishing my Spring Planting and Replacing the First Casualty

My four tomato plants, four basil plants and two cucumber plants are (relatively) safely stowed in their permanent homes. The


Asphalt Garden: Obsessing Over How to Increase Garden Size and Plant Yield

For the past few days I've been constantly thinking about how I'm going to expand and improve on the vegetable garden I have in the parking lot


Asphalt Garden: Thinning my Winter Veggie Seedlings

It's been a little more than two weeks since I planted radish, carrot, kale and swiss chard seeds. Things have been progressing nicely. Most of the seedlings are


Asphalt Garden: Finally Planting My Winter Vegetables

Almost a month ago, I started thinking about what I was going to next plant in my wine barrel


How to Make Your Own Soil Sifter

I was ripping up my summer vegetable plants when I realized the soil in my containers needed some serious TLC. Even though I removed my plants' root

Clockwise from top left: sun gold and early girl tomatoes, suffering zucchini plant, bunch of basil, oregano (with thyme in the background), jalapeños. Coriander (from cilantro plant) in center.

Asphalt Garden: 2011 Summer Season Earnings Report

I just brought in the final harvest from the vegetables I planted way back in March. At the start


Asphalt Garden: Celebrating Small Wins

In the land of dying plants and meager yields, I think it's appropriate to celebrate when something actually goes right at the Asphalt Garden.


Asphalt Garden: I Commit a Novice Mistake and Almost Drown my Tomatoes

Back in May, I noticed that some of the leaves on my tomato plants were turning yellow. Entire branches were shriveling up and falling off. I knew

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