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Salad for Supper: Ginger Garlic Chicken and Quinoa Salad

This fresh salad is a bright take on traditional Chinese chicken salads.

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One-Bowl Meal: Mexican-Inspired Chicken and Rice

Mexican is my favorite type of cuisine, but I hadn't concocted a one-bowl meal using those flavors. When I want to make a quick Mexican dish I

Clockwise from top left: sun gold and early girl tomatoes, suffering zucchini plant, bunch of basil, oregano (with thyme in the background), jalapeƱos. Coriander (from cilantro plant) in center.

Asphalt Garden: 2011 Summer Season Earnings Report

I just brought in the final harvest from the vegetables I planted way back in March. At the start


Asphalt Garden: Getting Something from my Cilantro Plants

When I put two cilantro plants in the ground in late March (the above picture is from planting day), I had high hopes for this herb. I


Salad for Supper: Chinese Chicken Salad

Most versions of Chinese chicken salad are pretty similar, and I can't claim that I've made revolutionary progress with mine. What I like about it is this


Watermelon and Tomato Salad

Watermelon is another summer classic, and a must-have item at any potluck. Make watermelon more interesting by putting it in a savory salad. This salad has three variations.


Asphalt Garden: Calculating Costs and Figuring My Break-Even Point

It's an exciting time for the asphalt garden - fruit has begin to set on both tomato plants and the jalapeƱo, and the zucchini has tons of


Unique Meats: Asian-Inspired Duck Tacos

It should be pretty clear to regular readers that I'm a big fan of making soft tacos. I have a tortilla


Asphalt Garden: Pruning, Fertilizing and Troubleshooting

It's been one month since I've planted my vegetables, and I think I can safely mix my metaphors and say, "Houston, we have lift-off!" Both tomato plants and


Salad for Supper: Mexican-Style Salad with Chicken

I like having go-to salad recipes made with ingredients I know I'll likely have on hand. This salad is one of my favorites. It's bright and fresh,

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