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A Sophisticated Fall Dinner Is Easier Than it Looks

Beer, bacon and bourbon are the perfect ingredients to use for a guy-friendly dinner menu.

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Ultimate Chili: Combining Tricks and Recipes to Make the Best Possible Dish

Making chili can be as easy as combining canned tomatoes and beans with a seasoning packet and as difficult as grinding your own chili powder. The chili


Beer Is Better: Lentil Chili with Eggplant and Turkey

I had some eggplant that I needed to eat, and I wanted to try cooking it with lentils (a natural pairing found in many different Indian dishes).


Beer Is Better: Beer Rye Bread

I was so curious to try this bread I cut off a slice before snapping a photo of the completed loaf. Why was I so eager? Because


Beer Is Better: Beer Mustard and Beer-Poached Bratwurst

I'm always on the lookout for new ways to incorporate beer into food, so when the New York Times published a beer mustard recipe earlier


Beer Is Better: Quick Beer Pizza Dough

Using beer in place of water when baking bread seems like a no-brainer; logic dictates you'll get a more flavorful loaf. In practice it's a lot more


Home Brewer: Tools of the Trade

So you've decided you're going to try your hand at brewing your own beer. What exactly do you need to get started? The good folks over at Serious


Beer Is Better: Wheat Beer-Poached Tilapia and Orange Salad

Lots of recipes for cooking with beer produce heavy dishes - plenty of stews and fried items. I wanted to make something lighter and healthier for dinner,

homebrew at its finest

Home Brewer: Yes, You Can!

My friend Aaron has been brewing beer in his basement for a few years, and in that time he's gone from beginner to beer festival competitor. I'm thrilled


Beer Is Better: Guinness Chocolate Cake

Guinness is the most popular alcoholic beverage in Ireland, so it makes sense to feature a recipe that uses it in advance of St. Patrick's Day. Like

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