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Asphalt Garden: The Basil Plants Get Serious Haircuts

To stimulate new growth, I give the basil plants buzzcuts.

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My Cookie Tin: Basil-Lemon Shortbread with Strawberries

I hadn't made a batch of cookies in a while, so I started to think how I could incorporate seasonal ingredients. The last time I tried this seasonal


No-Cooking Dinner Party: Stay Cool and Relaxed this Summer

The current temperature map makes the United States look like the surface of the sun. Let's say you want to have people over to suffer in the


Asphalt Garden: Mid-season Report Card

It's the middle of July, and time to grade my garden's performance. Overall, I've been pleased with how things have grown. The best performances definitely came from the


Salad for Supper: Caprese Salad with Pesto Grilled Chicken

This dinner salad takes the flavors of traditional caprese salad - tomatoes, basil, mozzarella and vinaigrette - and tweaks the presentation slightly. To make the salad more substantial,


Asphalt Garden: Finishing my Spring Planting and Replacing the First Casualty

My four tomato plants, four basil plants and two cucumber plants are (relatively) safely stowed in their permanent homes. The


Clams with Pesto and Fettucini

This dish is incredibly easy to make, especially if you have prepared the pesto ahead of time. The combination of white wine, pesto and clam juice

Clockwise from top left: sun gold and early girl tomatoes, suffering zucchini plant, bunch of basil, oregano (with thyme in the background), jalapeños. Coriander (from cilantro plant) in center.

Asphalt Garden: 2011 Summer Season Earnings Report

I just brought in the final harvest from the vegetables I planted way back in March. At the start


Salad for Supper: Asian Chicken Salad with Cabbage and Basil

My wife and I had an evening commitment so I wanted to pack dinner. Since we had been away for the weekend before, our fridge was rather


The Quick and Easy Way to Make and Store Pesto

When I used to make pesto I always faced a dilemma: Make only enough for one meal, and create a lot of dishes for not much return

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