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A Sophisticated Fall Dinner Is Easier Than it Looks

Beer, bacon and bourbon are the perfect ingredients to use for a guy-friendly dinner menu.

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Grilled Chicken with Two Garden Salads

One of the great things about having a vegetable garden, no matter how small, is it forces you to use fresh ingredients. This meal is based around


A Surprisingly Straightforward Valentine’s Day Dinner

There's something about cooking clams that says romance. I've made clam dishes twice before for Valentine's Day, and the third time was certainly the charm. Clams, cooked in


Arugula Salad with Blueberries, Walnuts, Goat Cheese and a Balsamic Reduction

This is my favorite "classy" salad. The sweetness from the balsamic reduction pairs perfectly with the sweetness from the blueberries. The peppery baby arugula balances everything out. This


One-Bowl Meal: Smoked Salmon and Pasta with Arugula

My wife and I hosted a brunch recently, and one of the dishes we served was smoked salmon on toast points. We had a lot of salmon


Beer Is Better: Quick Beer Pizza Dough

Using beer in place of water when baking bread seems like a no-brainer; logic dictates you'll get a more flavorful loaf. In practice it's a lot more


Beer Is Better: Wheat Beer-Poached Tilapia and Orange Salad

Lots of recipes for cooking with beer produce heavy dishes - plenty of stews and fried items. I wanted to make something lighter and healthier for dinner,

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