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Happy Holidays from The Manly Housekeeper!

I’ve collected all my holiday cookie recipes. Try making one this weekend! Best wishes to you and yours!

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12 Days of Christmas Cookies: Rugelach

Those of you who are keeping a close count at home will note that this is actually my 13th day of writing about holiday cookies (I made


12 Days of Christmas Cookies: Oatmeal Lace Cookies

For these cookies, we're going back another generation. I've written about the cookies my grandmother and


12 Days of Christmas Cookies: Cranberry Orange Cookies

I am deeply suspicious of most brand-specific recipes. I guarantee you the best place to get a good chicken noodle soup recipe is not from the


12 Days of Christmas Cookies: Pine Tree Cookies

I struggled with what to call these cookies. They could easily be called rosemary, lemon and currant sugar cookies, because that describes in a literal sense their


12 Days of Christmas Cookies: Old-Fashioned Soft Cookies

In my original Christmas Cookie Manifesto, I said this about successful Christmas cookies:

So, what makes a good Christmas cookie? Simple. It has to have bold


12 Days of Christmas Cookies: Apple Cider Cookies

A couple of months ago, prompted by a magazine cookie contest, I started thinking seriously about Christmas cookies. If I was going to create my own cookie


12 Days of Christmas Cookies: Gingersnaps

Growing up, one of the biggest signs that announced "It's Christmas!" was eating the gingersnaps my grandfather baked each year. He passed away almost three years ago, and


12 Days of Christmas Cookies: Chocolate Peppermint Cookies [UPDATED]

Note: The text below I wrote on Monday (12/5), after making this recipe once. The picture above is of version 2.0 of this cookie, which is superior


12 Days of Christmas Cookies: Turtle Cookies

My wife and I had a disagreement after I published my toffee square recipe last week. She said

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