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Kicking Off the New Year, Better Late than Never

After a prolonged absence, I’m back.

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I Build a Grill and Truly Become a Man

Since I launched this site more than a year ago, I've been living a lie. How could I call myself The Manly Housekeeper when I didn't even


Family Recipe Favorites: To Preserve or Create Anew?

I don't know how widely my great aunt's apple pie was known; as far as I'm aware it isn't an "award winning" pie. In our family, however,


Considering Yogurt, Sour Cream and Healthy Desserts

I realized yesterday that I was being a bit of a hypocrite. In a post last week, I praised Greek yogurt. One of the


Pet Peeve: Don’t You Hate It When Organizations Celebrate Non-milestone Anniversaries?

The first year my family went on a long summer camping trip, we needed water bottles to carry on our hikes. My parents headed to the local


Celebrating One Year of The Manly Housekeeper

One year ago today I sent an e-mail to everyone in my address book announcing the launch of The Manly Housekeeper. In that e-mail I described how the

The Right and Wrong Way to Get Kids Cooking

The first time I ever cooked dinner I was about nine years old. My mom had recently broken her ankle, so she directed from the couch as my


The Three Best Aisles In Any Home Improvement Store

My brother is headed back to Guatemala this evening, and he wanted to get some shopping done


Writing Down my New Year’s Resolutions

I want to keep challenging myself and learning this year. These are the resolutions I've set for myself.

Make my own lox. I'd like to learn more


Countdown: The Most Popular Posts of the Year, 5-1

As we close out the year, I’m counting down the 15 most popular Manly Housekeeper posts. These are the top 5, and No. 1 was far and

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