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Let’s Have an Olympics Party!

In the spirit of the games, we livened things up with a little friendly competition.

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A Drawer Reorganization Brings Much Peace of Mind

Three drawers in my apartment had gotten unbearably messy, and each time I opened them, I cringed. Still, I didn't take the time to reorganize them, even


The Only Pre-Departure Checklist You’ll Ever Need

I'm heading out of town for most of the next week, and I've spent most of the day getting ready. That got me thinking about what I do


Worth It: Marking Lunches Ahead of Time

I am heading out of town through the end of the week, which presented me with a slight dilemma: What to do about making my wife's lunch


10 Steps to a Completely Cleaned and Organized Clothes Closet

For the past few months, as I've been cramming my pajamas into my already stuffed sock drawer every morning, I've been looking forward to the opportunity to


The Ultimate Authentic Mad Men Premiere Party Menu

For the first time yesterday, I bought pineapple rings canned in heavy syrup. In any other situation, I'd be reaching for the juice-packed fruit, but my pineapple


Celebrating One Year of The Manly Housekeeper

One year ago today I sent an e-mail to everyone in my address book announcing the launch of The Manly Housekeeper. In that e-mail I described how the


Housekeeper Confession: Yes, I Enjoy the Challenge of Putting Away Toilet Paper Rolls

I went to Target last night to stock up on some necessities. No. 2 on my list was more toilet paper. Now, buying toilet paper is not


Taking a Pantry Inventory and Using Up Stray Ingredients: The Reckoning

Three weeks ago, in the spirit of starting the new year with a clean pantry, I hauled out all the food items I hadn't touched in a


Hard Copy or Electronic: Which Recipe Method Is Better?

Almost every night I ask myself the same question: Should I print this recipe out or look at it on my iPad? I might be fighting the future,

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