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One-Bowl Meal: Sauteed Kale and Tomatoes Over Whole Wheat Pasta

For a while I’ve been making sauteed kale as a side dish. Last weekend, my wife conceptualized this complete dish on her own. As soon as I tasted it I knew this would go into our regular rotation of dinners.

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One-Bowl Meal: Mexican-Inspired Chicken and Rice

Mexican is my favorite type of cuisine, but I hadn't concocted a one-bowl meal using those flavors. When I want to make a quick Mexican dish I


One-Bowl Meal: Bratwurst with Cabbage, Onions and Apples

One of the most successful dishes I made over Thanksgiving was a side with


One-Bowl Meal: Smoked Salmon and Pasta with Arugula

My wife and I hosted a brunch recently, and one of the dishes we served was smoked salmon on toast points. We had a lot of salmon


One-Bowl Meal: Pesto with Zucchini and Sausage

Last week I described my method for preparing and storing pesto. Pesto is something I


One-Bowl Meal: Chinese Eggplant and Tofu

I've tried cooking with eggplant in the past, and haven't had too much success with it. I've found that the most common variety of eggplant (sometimes called


One-Bowl Meal: Soupcous

There aren't many absolute food rules in my house, but here's one: I never buy canned soup. This is one of my most visible acts of rebellion


One-Bowl Meal: Thai Red Curry

Thai is easily my favorite type of food to get when ordering takeout. There's nothing quite like opening the carton of red or green curry and spooning


One-Bowl Meal: Hearty Matzo Ball Soup

I ended up learning quite a lot while making this matzo ball soup. I butchered my first chicken, made my first stock from scratch, and determined the


One-Bowl Meal: Ravioli with Tomatoes and Artichoke Hearts

This is the original one-bowl meal - the first dish I developed when I was living by myself after college. My wife is on a business trip

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