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Tested: The Best Way to Clean Mini Blinds

Mini blinds are a huge pain to clean. I tried a special blinds duster, a conventional duster and an unorthodox homemade blinds duster to see which one worked the best.

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Tested: The Best Way to Clean Your Oven Vent Filters

I don't cook with lots of oil, but I make sure to turn on the oven range fan whenever something is smoking and splattering. It keeps the


Tested: The Best Way to Clean a Tub’s Anti-Slip Grips

When I was growing up, it was my job to clean the bathtub my brother and I used. Every week I would scrub the tub until it


Tested: Seventh Generation’s Green Bathroom Cleaner

I'm unquestionably biased against environmentally friendly cleaners. In my mind, there's no real replacement for good ol' bleach when needing a heavy-duty cleaner. At the same time, I'm


Follow Up: Limescale Challenge

The last time I tackled the soap scum and limescale problem on my shower doors, I confidently declared a winning cleaner. Bar Keepers Friend, specifically

soap scum cleaning test

Solved: Soap Scum and Hard Water Stains

My apartment has terribly hard water, plus a shower with glass doors. What does that make? Instant soap scum. I went looking for the best cleaner that

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