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Quick Tip: Avoid Lotion Bottle Frustration with a Spatula

A kitchen tool works wonders on a specific bathroom task.

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Quick Tip: Have A Separate Laundry Basket for Stinky, Sweaty Clothes

For the first week we lived together after we got married, my wife and I only had one laundry basket, where we deposited everything dirty. Lightly used


Quick Tip: Use Vinegar and Baking Soda to Clean Your Microwave

Even though I only use my microwave to reheat leftovers and defrost frozen meats, after a few years of use the inside had gotten rather messy. The


Quick Tip: Remove Baked-On Oil and Grease with Ammonia

For the past two-plus weeks I've been baking cookies. During that time my non-stick cookie sheets have been getting dirtier. One sheet wasn't that clean


Quick Tip: How to Organize Your Files

Over the next three months, I've assigned myself the task of figuring out my and my wife's long-term financial goals. How much money should we be saving


Quick Travel Tips

My wife and I returned this morning from a trip to New England to visit family. As The Manly Housekeeper I have three main tasks for the


Quick Tip: The Best Way to Clean Oil Splatters

Sure, my stove might look clean, but peer a little closer and the picture changes. All those specks on the vent above the microwave? Those are tiny


Quick Tip: Rain-X On Your Shower Door

Right after my wife and I moved into our apartment almost three years ago, I purchased a squeegee to keep our glass shower doors clean. Since then

Can you spot the DustBuster?

Quick Tip: Keep a DustBuster in the Bathroom

[caption id="attachment_85" align="alignleft" width="460" caption="Can you spot the DustBuster?"][/caption] My main cleaning mantra is simple: Make it easy. The best way to make cleaning your floor easy is

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