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The Proper Way to Clean and Disinfect Your Smartphone

The glass of today’s smartphones have a special oil-resistant coating. Be careful when cleaning them.

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Celebrating my Wedding Anniversary with Some Good Old-Fashioned Roach Killing

The morning after our anniversary, my wife and I woke up in a hotel room in Santa Monica. We were pleased to know that while we were


Make Quick Natural Cleaners that Work Throughout the House

For the past few months, I've had the good fortune to be writing for Betty Crocker, Pillsbury and Live Better America.


Quick Tip: Avoid Lotion Bottle Frustration with a Spatula

My wife goes through a lot of body lotion. I'm not griping about that; why would I have a problem with smooth and supple skin? The problem is


A Drawer Reorganization Brings Much Peace of Mind

Three drawers in my apartment had gotten unbearably messy, and each time I opened them, I cringed. Still, I didn't take the time to reorganize them, even


The Only Pre-Departure Checklist You’ll Ever Need

I'm heading out of town for most of the next week, and I've spent most of the day getting ready. That got me thinking about what I do


10 Steps to a Completely Cleaned and Organized Clothes Closet

For the past few months, as I've been cramming my pajamas into my already stuffed sock drawer every morning, I've been looking forward to the opportunity to


Quick Tip: Have A Separate Laundry Basket for Stinky, Sweaty Clothes

For the first week we lived together after we got married, my wife and I only had one laundry basket, where we deposited everything dirty. Lightly used


Spring Cleaning: 12 Ways to a Cleaner Home

Spring is in the air. It's time to open the windows and drag out the vacuum. Want to get cleaning but don't know where to start? I'll walk


Worthwhile Gadget: Magik Lint Brush

I'll admit that the humble lint brush isn't much of a snazzy gadget. But when you really need one, nothing else is a worthy replacement. I had

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