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Bread Baker: Restaurant-Quality Naan Bread Is Easier Than You Think

A cast-iron skillet is all you need to make proper-looking char marks on a piece of naan bread

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Roasted Kale Salad with Farro, Cranberries and Chicken

I've been on a bit of a farro kick, lately. This hearty grain screams "winter" to me, especially when mixed with dark greens like kale. Even though I


Hearty Chorizo and Chard Soup with Farro and White Beans

I have lots of swiss chard growing in my garden planter boxes. A recent recipe in Sunset Magazine gave me the inspiration for a great


Kicking Off the New Year, Better Late than Never

I'll save everyone the sob story, but let's just say I started out the new year flat on my back. Quite literally, for the first two weeks of


Stewed Cranberries and Apples

After baking an apple-cranberry pie for thanksgiving, I wanted to adapt those flavors to use for an oatmeal topping. I love topping oatmeal with cranberry sauce, but


Rich Cinnamon Raisin Bread Pudding

Recently, I had a lot of cinnamon raisin bread in the house that was going stale. The easiest solution to  dealing with all of those bread ends?


The Second-Annual Thanksgiving Pie Test

Last year, I had some friends over to test potential Thanksgiving pie recipes. I got lots of great data, and on Thanksgiving ended up serving


My Cookie Tin: Brownie and Chocolate Chip Cookie Combo Bars

Box brownies will never hold a candle to homemade brownies when it comes to quality and taste. I had a box of brownies that I wanted to


Whole Wheat Spaetzle with Pancetta and Butternut Squash

We're deep into winter squash season, yet they've never been one of my favorite vegetables to cook. I decided the problem was I just wasn't preparing dishes


A Sophisticated Fall Dinner Is Easier Than it Looks

I recently completed a series of fall food stories for Made Man. The goal of the series was to demonstrate that guys could make sophisticated

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