I Build a Grill and Truly Become a Man

Since I launched this site more than a year ago, I’ve been living a lie. How could I call myself The Manly Housekeeper when I didn’t even own a grill?

Fortunately, my wife helped me remedy this situation recently, as she gave me a grill for my birthday. This gift allowed me to go through another male right of passage: Spending an entire day following almost incomprehensible directions and dealing with misfit parts on an assembly project.

I’m not complaining, of course. My wife could have spent $160 to have the grill assembled and delivered, but real men¬†build their own grills.

It took me more than five hours to build this grill, and that’s not counting the extra trip to the store to replace a ¬†(critical) missing part. When I first flipped through the instruction manual, I didn’t think it would be so bad – there were only 13 steps, after all. It wasn’t until I actually started building the grill that I realized each step had important substeps. This was a 33-step project.

As the sun started setting, I finished building my grill. I was actually cooking on it – grilling a hastily purchased flank steak smeared with a dry rub – as day turned to night.


My grill has a bunch of nice features, but I’m most excited about its ceramic tiles. They hold heat and distribute it evenly across the grilling surface. This means better cooking. I’m excited to try grilling projects – like pizza! – that do well with this even heat.

Stay tuned for lots more authentic grilling recipes.

  • Lydia

    What a piece of equipment! I’m looking forward to tales of the grill.

  • http://www.facebook.com/james.sartain.73 James Sartain

    let the games begin!Congratulations and Cheers!

  • Jason

    What kind of grill is that? Looks awesome!

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