One Culinary Benefit of My Neighbor’s New Landscaping

I’ve written before about scoping out your neighborhood for decorative plants that double as edible herbs, like thyme, rosemary and mint.

Thanks to new landscaping around the apartment building next to mine, rosemary is now right outside my door. (Can you spot it in the above photo?)

I used to surreptitiously snip a few springs from a neighbor’s plant down the street from me, or walk farther  to the giant bush next to the sketchy car repair shop.

The new landscaping includes 10 rosemary plants. That’s a lot of rosemary! I’ll be able to make as many rosemary sourdough loaves or pine tree cookies  as I could possibly want. If only I had talked to the landscaper before he planted. Then maybe I could have gotten some tarragon and sage included in the design. Some varieties of oregano make for great ground cover …

  • IdaBaker

    Now, that is cool.  I love that herbs are part of your neighbor’s landscaping theme.  I hope veggies are next.  :)

  • Mary Wilson

    Maybe they will grow so quickly for that space that some will get thrown out, but you will find them.  Oh, happy day!

    • Mark Evitt

      Yes, we’ll see. The landscaping is pretty packed together as it is right now, so I have a feeling things will get crowded quickly.

  • Mary Wilson

    Those look like creeping rosemary.  Here’s a regular one that’s only a year old:

  • Sera Ellis

    I used to do that when I had no space for a plant! haha my friends looked at me a bit askance, but hey! free food! and they never looked askance at my rosemary roast potatoes 😉

  • Karch

    When I was a kid my mother always seemed to want me to head over to some neighbors house and snip off a piece of rosemary or thyme. I never will quite get used to the idea of doing so.

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