Lunch Box: Hot Dog Bun BLTAs with Corn and Beet Green Salad

I made two dishes with leftovers recently that were both arguably better than the originals. Here’s what I did:

Out of hot dogs but not buns (that’s what happens when you test multiple recipes) I needed to make something else to fill the buns. Simple enough – I diced up cherry tomatoes, avocado and bacon and lined the buns with torn arugula leaves.

Want to be even more decadent? Add some sauteed shrimp.

I made Ina Garten’s corn salad and wanted to repurpose it slightly. It was delicious as a side dish, but when serving it again I wanted to plate it on a bed of greens. Once again I turned to the beet greens growing in my garden. Yes, I am slightly obsessed with beet greens.

I diced up the greens and tossed them with olive oil and lemon juice. I chopped up the stems and added them to the corn salad. I also folded in some cherry tomatoes. I found this salad to be superior  to the original. The greens balanced out the sharp flavor of the raw shallots.

No beet greens on hand? Use spinach instead.

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