When Life Gives You Lemons … Start Baking!

My wife’s grandparents have a giant lemon tree outside their condo. When we visited them recently, I took the liberty of picking a dozen or so lemons. I would figure out exactly what I was going to do with them later.

A few days later, King Arthur Flour’s┬áMay baker’s catalogue arrived, with two different lemon recipes featured inside. Clearly, the baking gods knew I needed some recipes. It’s never a good idea to ignore divine intervention, so I quickly prepared to bake the lemon cake and lemon cookies.

This lemon yeast cake is the first delicate dessert I’ve made with yeast instead of chemical leaveners, and the results were fantastic. It was still quite tender.



These lemon sable cookies are a type of buttery shortbread, with an added egg white. This recipe also includes almond flour, with a bright lemony icing.



These two lemon-heavy recipes didn’t actually make too big of a dent in my stash. I still have a big bowlful on the counter. Of course, there’s always lemonade. I’ve always wanted to try making preserved lemons, so I think I’ll do that instead. When they are ready in a month, I’ll share the results.

  • Jana

    I love preserved lemons!

  • Virago

    I do salt-preserved lemons, and they are _delicious_ with roasted chicken, or with asparagus, or with boiled beets, or with greens… The possibilities are endless! Enjoy!

  • Bmusgrave

    Whenever I have an abundance of lemons, I cook up a batch of fresh Lemon Curd. Just think of it as lemon pie for your toast!

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