Worth It: Marking Lunches Ahead of Time

I am heading out of town through the end of the week, which presented me with a slight dilemma: What to do about making my wife’s lunch for the days I would be gone?

I decided I would bite the bullet and make them ahead of time. I’m not a fan of making lunches, but there’s a lot to be said for preparing a bunch in a row. Setting up an assembly line system makes things go much faster. Of course, a consequence of this is that she’s getting exactly the same thing each day.

There are other benefits, too. She can think of me when I’m gone and now I don’t have to make lunches for a few days. We’re both winners.

  • Sunflowers4u

    What I’d like to know is what you put in those bags that keeps for 3 days!  I make my husband’s lunch but if I could put stuff in there that’s still delicious after all that time, I will make-ahead too!

  • Jen

    Do tell what you put in the lunches. I make mine the night before but would love to make several days worth.

  • Jen

    Ps. Cute lunch bags. Where are they from?

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