Asphalt Garden: When Cucumbers Attack

Planting in self-watering containers has been a revelation. Last summer’s constant frustration (not enough water, too much water, etc.) has been replaced by a challenge of a different sort: In just over a month my two cucumber plants have outgrown their trellis home and are now growing at an almost visible rate.

It took my plants three weeks to get going, but since then, the growth has been astronomical. I would like to avoid pruning my plants if possible – I think it would be fun to see how big they might get. Of course, that means I need some sort of additional trellising system.

I’ve done some research on pruning cukes and there’s not much to go on. This video and this article¬†seem to be the main pruning authorities. Pruning is still counter-intuitive to me, so I’d love advice from fellow gardeners who have successfully trellised their cucumbers. Did you prune or not?

I’ll have to take some sort of action soon, or else the parking space next to my cucumbers won’t be accessible. Until then, I’ll enjoy my prodigious plants.

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