Celebrate Mother’s Day with a Picnic

This Mother’s Day, get outside and enjoy the fresh air. I’ve put together a manageable menu that’s easy to execute.

Pressed Ciabatta Sandwich with Italian Meats and Veggies. Want to make a fancy sandwich? Combine fresh bread, cheese, meat and cured vegetables and squeeze everything together under a brick.


Quick-Pickled Young Carrots. These young carrots are pickled with apple cider vinegar, coriander seeds and a jalapeño pepper for the perfect combination of sweet and sour.



Berry fruit salad. Combine blackberries, strawberries and blueberries with a little sugar and lemon zest. Use either basil or mint as a garnish.

Mini lemon tea muffins. Or you can’t really go wrong with chocolate chip bar cookies.

  • Mom

    Mmmm. I’m enjoying this picnic as if I were there!

  • Virago

    While my mom (being way too far away for a picnic) had to settle for Mother’s Day flowers, I made a version of the sandwich for a special picnic this week. 
    I wish I’d used homemade ciabatta, rather than a loaf from Trader Joe’s, as yours seems to have compressed better.  
    My date has some food sensitivities, so I amended the recipe somewhat (no nightshades, no alliums).   
    I’ll try to post a picture-  the stripes were gorgeous!
    Mine shared with yours the ciabatta, balsamic goat cheese, prosciutto, artichoke hearts, and basil, but I added roasted turkey breast, spinach, sautéed crimini mushrooms, oven-roasted asparagus (chopped to avoid stringy-ness),  shredded carrots flash-pickled in cider vinegar, shredded red cabbage flash-pickled in balsamic vinegar.  (I blotted the last two with paper towels, but I should have dried the cabbage better- there was some pink staining of the bread.)
    Thank you for the wonderful idea!  

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