Worthwhile Gadget: Magik Lint Brush

I’ll admit that the humble lint brush isn’t much of a snazzy gadget. But when you really need one, nothing else is a worthy replacement. I had a cleaning experience the other day that made me very glad I could reach into the back of my closet and pull out my brush.

My wife wore a new black sweater to work recently, and when she got home at night, her white- and pink-striped shirt was covered in black fuzz. Thanks to my trusty lint brush, I got her shirt fuzz-free in a matter of minutes.

It was really quite shocking how many sweater fibers migrated to the shirt. I had to clean the lint brush twice before the striped shirt was clean. I didn’t mind cleaning the brush. In fact, that’s my favorite task when using it. I love scraping all the dust and fuzz to one edge of the brush and gathering it together, noting how much cleaner the garment (or couch cushion) is.

By the time I was done, the shirt was completely free of fuzz and I had a (relatively) gigantic mound of lint in front of me.

While there are both lint rollers and lint brushes, the brush is far superior. The Evercare Magik Brush is the one with which we are all familiar. It is a two-sided brush with close-cropped bristles that catches dust, lint, fuzz and hair. The Magik Brush costs $4-6. Lint rollers are worse in every respect. The disposable roller sheets quickly loses maximum stickiness and are wasteful.

As much as I enjoyed the challenge of de-linting my wife’s shirt, I wasn’t about to let the fuzzy sweater attack again. It’s in the washer right now.

  • Louise Michie

    There is a quick method to remove lint from those corduroy style clothes brushes. Simply brush in the reverse direction on a different surface. Instantly the fluff will form rolls that fall off into the hand.

  • Sam

    This sounds way better than using masking tape!

  • nprosario

    Have you by any chance found a way to get rid of dog hair? My dog sheds at an alarming rate and Im literally covered in dog hair from head to toe. My home looks like an old west scene with tumbleweeds of hair flowing by us by the end of the night. lol

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