Housekeeper Confession: Yes, I Enjoy the Challenge of Putting Away Toilet Paper Rolls

I went to Target last night to stock up on some necessities. No. 2 on my list was more toilet paper. Now, buying toilet paper is not something I love doing, so I do it rarely. I’d much rather have an enormous, conspicuous package of toilet paper in my cart every other month than a smaller but almost equally conspicuous package every other week. Plus, you save more when buying in bulk.

Buying in bulk presents one obvious dilemma: Where to store it all? We keep our TP underneath the bathroom sink. Space is fairly limited. How the heck do you put away 36 rolls of toilet paper while still leaving room for the waste basket and the sink pipes? Is there a way to store it all so it doesn’t seem like rolls are about to fall out of the cabinet each time you open the door?

Answer: Yes. And this is why I find the toilet paper challenge strangely thrilling. It’s satisfying to pack a giant tower of toilet paper into a small cabinet. (I also love the challenge of fitting a bunch of dishes into an almost-full dishwasher.)

So what’s my secret? Build up. I’ve got two stacks of TP that are six rolls high. They’re out of the way of the pipes and actually go above the bottom level of the sink. I make sure to keep the tower of toilet paper in the back of the cabinet, so it doesn’t overwhelm your field of vision each time you open the cabinet.

From this vantage point, one could hardly guess there are an additional 20+ rolls out of sight.

Now you know where to go if you find yourself short on toilet paper. Yes, I can spare a square. Even three.

  • Beazzy

    I am definitely going to try that. Another t.p. tip I saw on a TV show was to flatten the rolls to save money–i.e. if they don’t spin too easily, folk may use less. So possibly one could fit in even more t.p. by squishing it.

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