Writing Down my New Year’s Resolutions

I want to keep challenging myself and learning this year. These are the resolutions I’ve set for myself.

Make my own lox. I’d like to learn more about curing and preserving meat, and I think lox (salted salmon) is a good place to start. Plus, making lox takes less than a week to do.

Bake at least five recipes in every cookbook I own.
I have now dedicated two full shelves to my cookbook collection, and there are some books I haven’t spent nearly enough time with. I figure five recipes will give me a good taste of each book.

Get more experience working with puff pastries and pie doughs.
I spent a lot of time last year baking bread. I’d like to get more practice perfecting delicate pastries, from danishes to croissants.

Track down my barbecue and grill on a regular basis.
I know where my barbecue is – at my old apartment. I used my grill pan a lot last summer, but sometimes there’s just no replacement for outdoor grilling. Plus, that opens up a whole new category of recipes I can write about.

Increase the output of my container garden.
 Last summer was my first time gardening. It was a great learning experience, but I didn’t generate much produce. I know a lot more about watering and soil conditions now, and I plan to put that knowledge to good use.

Make fresh cheese.
I’ve wanted to do this for awhile, and fresh cheese doesn’t require a multi-month aging process.

Clean my pantry, and use up all the leftover ingredients I have.
I’ve accumulated a bunch of odds and ends, plus some giant containers (mustard seed) that just have to go. January is going to be finishing month at The Manly Housekeeper.

Perfect my pizza dough and sauce recipes, and learn how to toss a pizza.
 I’ve made my own pizza dough a few times, with varied results. I want to settle on a tried-and-true recipe for both the dough and sauce. Jarred marinara sauce isn’t going to cut it anymore. And in the tossing department, tossing a pizza might be challenging at first, but ultimately it’s a lot easier that trying to evenly stretch the dough.
  • Jen

    Looking forward to reading the results of your resolutions, particularly how you use up odds and ends in your pantry.

  • Anna

    I love this! Someone who is clearly not afraid of resolutions. :) I make resolutions too and actually just wrote about it (http://annasrecipebox.com/2013/01/01/new-year-resolutions-8-dos/) I too had a cheese resolution and took a class on how to do that. Been making yogurt on my own for a while now, and did make butter (all from the cheese making class, but the actual cheese is a bit more time consuming for me, so haven’t gotten to it). It’s quite rewarding. :) What are your 2013 resolutions?

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