Quick Tip: Remove Baked-On Oil and Grease with Ammonia

For the past two-plus weeks I’ve been baking cookies. During that time my non-stick cookie sheets have been getting dirtier. One sheet wasn’t that clean to start with. I had coated it in oil and then only used one corner for baking. As is obvious from the photo, any oil that wasn’t absorbed by the food I was cooking was instead baked onto my cookie sheet.

This was frustrating because, while it was still very slick and smooth when cold, it became just slightly tacky when heated. This made it much more difficult to remove the cookies from that sheet.

I knew I needed to  remove that baked-on oil. I put my cookie sheet in a garbage bag, then poured in 1 cup of ammonia. I tied the bag tight, shook it a bit, and let it sit overnight.

The next morning when I removed the cookie sheet it didn’t look any different. The baked oil hadn’t magically sloughed off. It had loosened, however, and with a little elbow grease and a plastic-bristled scrubber, I was able to get my cookie sheet looking much cleaner. Clean enough, to be sure.

  • Wendy Holtorff

    I always use parchment paper for dessert baking, and aluminum foil for things like tater tots. No clean up whatsoever!

    • Kat Meredith

      s And so good for the environment, too. /s

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  • Dinah

    Try using baking soda and lemon juice! It works really good, and no ammonia yuck!

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