Bread Baker: My Top Six Sandwich Breads

I knew I was serious about baking bread when I stopped buying yeast by the packet and opted to purchase it by the pound instead.

SAF Instant Yeast is widely regarded as the best dry yeast available, and it is used by professional bakers everywhere. I figured if I wanted to be a serious baker, it was worth it to buy the professional yeast (it’s also much more economical).

I had no idea how long one bag of yeast would last me. It ended up being almost exactly a year. To commemorate this yeast-completing occasion, I’ve collected six of my favorite sandwich bread recipes.

Three of these sandwich breads are denser, whole grain loaves, while two are fluffy white breads (with a twist). One falls somewhere in between. The order of the breads below is the order they appear in the photo above, going clockwise from the top-left corner.

Buttermilk Sandwich Bread: A classic white bread. The buttermilk provides a little extra flavor.




Multi-grain Bread Extraordinaire: An incredibly moist and chewy loaf that uses brown rice.




Healthy Honey Wheat Bread: Completely my own recipe, where I tried to make the most nutritious (low calorie, high protein) homemade bread.




Seeded Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread: Baking this bread provided a big surprise when it rose beautifully.




Semolina and Masa Harina Sandwich Loaf: This bread rises incredibly high, and works great as toast.




Sourdough Multi-grain Sandwich Loaf: The sourdough starter in this bread provides flavor, not leavening power. The finished loaf has a fantastic texture.


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