Quick Tip: Use Office Supplies for Food Preservation

If I need a rubber band or binder clip, I know where to look – the top drawer in my kitchen. That’s because I use rubber bands and binder clips almost exclusively when closing half-eaten bags of chips or frozen veggies.

Fancy schmancy bag clips cost $2-3 a clip. I can buy 12 medium binder clips (which are stronger and easier to store) for less than a dollar.

I never actually buy rubber bands – I just hold onto ones I come across in everyday life. Whether it is holding together a bunch of asparagus or a day’s worth of mail, that rubber band is going in my drawer.

I keep the rubber bands and binder clips in a separate section of my silverware drawer. That way they are easy to access yet contained. Note the other office tool in my kitchen – a nice pair of scissors. No kitchen should be without.

  • http://www.kingarthurflour.com Allison@KingArthurFlour

    I do the very same – functional AND frugal! My only problem is that the drawer quickly gets out of control. I’m in a never-ending battle with my overstuffed kitchen drawers.

  • coss express

    Good Idea. This is very interesting. I will try this in future. 

  • AbagthaBen

    It’s really a one better idea for preserving foods in very cheap way. I think, it’s really a good idea for people who don’t waste money for food preservation.

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