Quick Kitchen Project: Installing Cabinet Dividers

Each time I reach up into my large kitchen cabinet to pull down a cookie sheet or cutting board, I’m afraid everything will come tumbling down on my head. I have the items precariously leaning against one another, and they usually slide out of place when I’m pulling something out.

Sick and tired of a messy cabinet, I knew I needed to install some sort of divider to keep the different bakeware from sliding around. It couldn’t be permanent, however. My landlord wouldn’t like holes in his cabinet.

I went to a number of different stores, looking for some sort of spring-loaded divider. I finally found what I was looking for at Target: Cheap spring-loaded adjustable curtain rods. Instead of sitting horizontally and holding curtains, these would be sitting vertically and holding cookie sheets. I also bought a roll of padded liner (Con-Tact brand) that would further prevent my bakeware from sliding around.

First I emptied out my cabinet and wiped it down, then I measured the piece of liner I needed, cut it and laid it in. The liner is slightly sticky on both sides, so it won’t move, but it’s easy to remove.


The curtain rods (also called tension rods) are easy to use. Simply measure the interior height of the cabinet, then anchor the spring so the rod is about a quarter of an inch taller than the height of the cabinet. Push down on the rod to fit it in, and it will squeeze into place, standing firm.

Once you have the rods in place, start loading in your items. It’s best to have two rods per row you’re creating.

This was a 15-minute project that instantly improved the neatness of my kitchen cabinet, and made my life easier, too. The next time I reach for a cookie sheet, I won’t be worrying about a muffin tin coming along for the ride.

  • Anonymous

    Great, inexpensive idea.  Also works for dividing piles of clothing on closet shelves — sweaters, jeans, t-shirts.

  • http://twitter.com/San__Rio Dangerous Lee

    Wow brilliant, I have been so frustrated with my cabinet full of cookie sheets and cutting boards too. Now I will be doing this. 

  • Jason

    Great idea!  You have a lot of great ideas and I’ve enjoyed reading your blog.

  • slreyes8793

    Love the simplicity if your solution! Thanks for the great idea.

  • Annabellouise

    How clever. I will try this next week. No Target in England, but plenty of places to buy spring loaded curtain rods.

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