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My wife and I returned this morning from a trip to New England to visit family. As The Manly Housekeeper I have three main tasks for the rest of the day: unpack our suitcases, start some laundry, and make a trip to the grocery store to refill our fridge.

With those tasks in mind, I should get to work, but let me first share two quick travel tips.

Tidy your home before departing. It shouldn’t take long – 15 minutes, max. Investing that time will pay big dividends when you open your front door after being away, however. Speaking from recent experience, It’s a relief to know that while I might have some chores to do (like laundry) the apartment is, overall, in good shape.

Don’t reserve seats at the front of the plane if you’re carrying on your luggage. I was extra pleased with myself when, for this most recent trip, I got seats near the front of the plane (rows 6 and 7, to be exact). I figured these seats would make us extra efficient, since we could deplane faster. My strategy backfired, however, when we had to gate-check our carry-on luggage for our westbound flight. Because we were so near the front, we were the last group to board the plane. All the overhead compartment room was gone, due to more people carrying on to avoid checked-luggage fees.

  • Robert

    2nd point, well made. I recently returned from the east coast on a nearly-full nonstop to SFO, made the reservation late due to last-minute itinerary uncertainties, got stuck in row 32, of 34, and was bemoaning my misfortune…until I was in the first group to board and could load (legal-sized) carryon with ease. Time to deplane from the rear is *much* less than time to reclaim checked luggage.

    • http://themanlyhousekeeper.com Mark Evitt

      “Time to deplane from the rear is much less than time to reclaim checked luggage.”

      So true! I was hopeful that because our bags got checked at the gate, they would be the first ones off the conveyor belt. This wasn’t even the case.

  • Daniel

    I like to be in the middle of the plane. Still room for carry-on luggage, not as bumpy as the rear.

  • henryk jacek

    Taking a road trip after a map is like linden diving after your air tank its just no good. Make sure you mark out your route, exits and ideal relief stops afore you head out for the day. Also, yield notation of any absorbing sites and take the time to explore. Half the fun of a road trip is seeing the sites along the way.

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