Pet Peeve: My Spray Bottle Isn’t Empty, and Yet It Doesn’t Work

Why am I holding this spray bottle upside down? Because I’ve found a solution to one of my top cleaning pet peeves.

But first, let me complain for a second.

Don’t you just hate it when you have a spray bottle partially filled with a cleaner, but it doesn’t work unless you hold the bottle perfectly level? I certainly do.

Take this bottle of glass cleaner, for example. It’s one-fourth full (yes, I measured), but if I hold it at more than a 40 degree angle, it won’t work.

When I’m spraying the sink or bathtub with one of my all-purpose cleaners, the bottle usually has to be more than half full to allow me to control exactly where I want the spray to go.

The engineers working on the Soft Scrub product line heard my mental cries of woe. They recently introduced new cleaners – Soft Scrub Total – that work upside down.  The secret is a valve that brings the liquid directly into the trigger (instead of up the tube) if it is turned upside down.

As far as I’m concerned, the real value of this cleaning product isn’t the cleaner itself, it’s the bottle. I’ll be saving mine and using it, again and again.

  • Try

    how did you open that soft scrub sprayer?  i am very curious but couldn’t figure how.   please advise.

    • Transrational

      Returned mine. Never figured out how to get in.

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