Worthwhile Gadget: Apple Peeler

My wife and I have oatmeal almost every morning, so I’m always on the lookout for new toppings. I wanted to try making stewed apples, but I was wary about the time it would take to peel and chop the dozen or so apples to make the sauce.

I tried anyway, without a peeler, and I was right – it took me more than an hour to peel and chop the apples. The sauce was so perfect for our oatmeal, however, that I figured I needed to find a faster way to peel apples so I could make the sauce again.

Enter the Starfrit Pro-Apple Peeler. It makes peeling apples easy and fun, and cuts peeling and coring time of 12 apples down to 15 minutes.

Traditional horizontal apple peeler.

There are two types of apple peelers – those like the Starfrit peeler that hold the apple vertically, and those that hold it horizontally. By my initial figuring, the horizontal peeler was the way to go. It cored and sliced the apple, as well as peeling it, and it looked sturdy. The Starfrit peeler looks like a cheap child’s toy – it’s plastic with bright colors.

Ultimately I opted for the Starfrit peeler for two main reasons: It’s cheaper and had better online reviews. In fact, unhappy customers of the horizontal peeler recommended the Starfrit.

I haven’t tried both peelers, but now I see no reason to. The Starfrit peeler handles any-sized apple. Its razor blade peeler rarely gets caught on apple bad spots. The peeler’s spring-loaded arm easily stays in contact with apples that aren’t round. Its suction-cup feet have never slipped.

The peeler is cheap – only $15 on Amazon. It comes with a simple apple corer and slicer, and a replacement blade. Thanks to the Starfrit peeler I make stewed apples about once a week, something I would never, ever do if I didn’t have this gadget.

  • randeegf

    i’m ordering 2 right now.  one for my mom and one for me, just in time for apple pie season!

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