How to Clean Your Bathtub the Manly Way

Sometimes, being The Manly Housekeeper just isn’t that fun. I figured I would be cleaning the bathtub Cinderella-style forever. That is, until my friend Jordan told me how he cleans his tub – with a scrub brush on the end of his cordless drill. I was intrigued, to say the least. I made a couple of modifications to Jordan’s design to make a permanent brush attachment, but the idea is all his.

Scroll down to learn how to make your own power scrub brush, and view video of the brush in action.

Step 1. Assemble your required items. You will need a round scrub brush, a 1 1/2 inch-long lag screw, a nut driver, and a cordless drill with a drill bit slightly smaller than the diameter of your screw threads.

Step 2. Examine your scrub brush. I used a cheap $2 Scotch Brite scrubber. I popped the top off the scrubber and drilled the two pieces separately, to make sure I was drilling as close to the the center as I could with as much precision as possible.

Step 3: Mark the center of the the top part of the brush ...

... And then drill a hole.


Step 4. mark off another hole and drill it in the bottom half of the scrubber. I was careful not to drill all the way through, and get my drill bit tangled in the brush.

Step 5. Snap the two parts of the scrub brush together, then screw the lag bolt into the hole.

Step 6: Switch the drill bit for the nut driver in your drill, and your manly scrub brush will be complete. Now any time I want to clean the tub I can just pop on the scrub brush attachment.

How well does this attachment actually work? Pretty well, though it’s probably not a replacement for old-fashioned elbow grease. Because the brush is only held onto the nut driver by a magnet, the brush can fall off the drill if you aren’t holding the drill perpendicular to the scrubbing surface. I got the hang of using the brush pretty quickly, however, and the high RPMs certainly remove soap scum quickly!

Provided you already have a drill and drill bit, the equipment is not expensive, either – less than $6.

  • randeegf

    Way cool!

  • Jordan

    Hey Mark, so I just ordered a “drill brush” from:

    I’ll let you know how it works – I have a feeling it’ll be way more effective than the the brush hack and may probably last longer too… 

  • dh labs

    cool. about 15 years ago, i had a black & decker scumbuster. it’s long since died, but i still have the attachments and have been meaning to do something like this with them.

  • anon

    why not just secure the brush directly into the drill chuck with the bolt

    • anon

      the bolt is too big to fit in the chuck of that drill.

      • Bob

        Cut the head off the bolt and then secure to the chuck. So obvious and doesn’t require you to waste a nut driver.

        • Bob

          flip the bolt over and use a nut…even more obvious.

  • lamar ovray

    Better living through chemicals! Try Scum Bum from the Clean Team. ( You spray it on, it dissolves the soap scum, then you rinse it off and your tub/shower is clean. I love my cordless drill, but I’d rather spritz than grind any day.

  • Moribund the Burgermeister

    Another idea: superglue the bolt into the nut driver attachment of the drill. When the scrub wears out, unscrew it from the bolt, drill a new hole, and then screw in your bolt/nut driver attachment. You sacrifice a nut driver. They’re cheap, and now you have a permanent scrub tool, and don’t have to “go digging” for stuff – it’s already built and ready to go.

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