Editor’s Note: One Month Down …

My wife and I were high school sweethearts, and we took our early anniversaries very seriously. For the first year, without fail, we exchanged cards every month.

It is with that same spirit that I write this first Editor’s Note. I don’t think I’ll do this every month, but I did want to check in, review where the site has gone and where it’s headed, and preview some of the upcoming content I have lined up.

There were a number of publishing highlights for me in The Manly Housekeeper’s inaugural month. I did my first extensive product test, looking to find the best way to remove soap scum and lime scale. The site hosted its first theme week, celebrating the start of spring with a series of pieces about cleaning. I also launched the site’s gardening section with an introduction to planting a vegetable garden in above-ground containers.

In the coming months The Manly Housekeeper will continue to expand. There will be more recipes designed specifically for healthy eating. The drinking section of the site will debut this week with an introduction to home brewing. We’ll also cover wine and hard alcohol, and ponder the question, “What is the manliest drink?”

There are more theme weeks on the horizon, too. As we approach Earth Day on April 22, we’ll have green week, where I’ll explore the world of environmentally friendly cleaning products. Later (to balance out the healthy recipes described above) we’ll have fried week, including a beer-battered-only meal.

I don’t want to be writing for myself, and cooking just for me and my wife. What do you want to read more of? Less of? What would make The Manly Housekeeper an even better site for you? Let me know!

I look forward to another eventful month together at The Manly Housekeeper. And I’ll be sure to write an anniversary card.

  • Lydia

    I’m glad you’ll be writing about green cleaning products. I wonder if they work as well as the traditional products.

  • Sam

    I need suggestions on what to bring for potluck meals.

    • http://themanlyhousekeeper.com Mark Evitt

      Other people have asked for that, too. I’ll work on it. Maybe for Memorial Day …

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