Spring Cleaning Week at The Manly Housekeeper

photo from Violette79

It’s the first full week of spring: flowers are blooming and┬átemperatures are warming. It’s also time to clean up a winter’s worth of dust and dirt, and reorganize after jamming your summer clothes into the back of your closet.

This week at The Manly Housekeeper I’ll have a bunch of stories about how to get clean and organized. Here’s what’s coming*:

Monday: What to look for in a vacuum, and some reflections on my first love affair (yes, the stories are related).

Tuesday: How to organize any home or apartment.

Wednesday: The tools I use and the ways I clean my apartment quickly and easily.

Thursday: How and why to clean out your fridge and pantry, plus a great cornbread recipe (again, the stories are related).

Friday: Speed cleaning – what to do if you only have 10 minutes to clean before guests arrive.

*Publication dates might shift slightly

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