Quick Tip: Keep Your Grocery List On the Fridge

This tip might seem like a no-brainer, but bear with me for a second.

In my time as a manly housekeeper, I’ve learned that one of the key parts of keeping a good house is making things easy for myself. Having a running grocery list means I don’t have to remember everything before I head to the store. And keeping that grocery list on the refrigerator means when I open the fridge door and realize we’re low on eggs, I can close the door, write down “eggs” and get back to cooking.

As far as I’m concerned, the only place the grocery list should ever go is on the fridge door.

When I was growing up, we kept our grocery list in a drawer away from the fridge, on the opposite side of the kitchen. Notice we’re running low on milk? Close to fridge door, turn around, walk across the kitchen, open the drawer and add milk to the list. This might sound like trivial effort, but it’s not. Walking away from the fridge likely meant interrupting whatever I was doing. “Remember to add milk to the list after you finish making lunch,” I’d tell myself, and then I’d promptly forget.

Here are the tried and tested grocery list rules I’ve developed. They aren’t that hard to follow:

1) Buy a pad of paper with a magnetic strip on the back.

2) Stick the pad to the fridge, and balance a pen or pencil on top. I use a magnet to keep the pencil from falling off.

It must be a pad of paper, not a sheet of paper. A pad of paper becomes your grocery list pad, and it guarantees you only have one grocery list going at once. A sheet of paper gets used up after you go to the store, and then you have to look for another sheet. And pretty soon you have more than one grocery list going at the same time. And then you give up and have no list at all.

You still don’t see the benefits of a fridge grocery list? How about some more:

With a fridge grocery list you’ll avoid the scenario where your significant other complains when you didn’t get something at the store. Say instead, “I only buy what’s on the list. Please add it before I do the groceries next time.” Groceries become a collaborative effort.

With a fridge grocery list you’ll have a place to store your coupons. I’m absolutely terrible about remembering to bring coupons when shopping, and if I don’t have them right next to my grocery list, I’ll forget every time.

I hope I’ve made a convincing case. It may seem silly to be so particular, but keeping the grocery list on the fridge is one small thing you can do that will make a big difference.

  • NickyGiGi

    I’ve done this for years. Even my kids are programmed to put the items they notice are low on the list.. A few times a week I’ll review the list and if I know that I have a coupon I’ll paperclip it to that page of the page. It’s worked so well my husband started keeping one in the garage for his “man things”

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