Quick Tip: Rain-X On Your Shower Door

Right after my wife and I moved into our apartment almost three years ago, I purchased a squeegee to keep our glass shower doors clean. Since then we’ve probably used the squeegee 10 times between us, even though it always hangs at the ready.

There’s an easy explanation for this: Who wants to stand in the shower, wet, with the water off, carefully cleaning the doors? No one.

Of course, not cleaning those doors after every shower means they quickly get covered in soap scum and hard water spots. When I was doing my research for the best soap scum remover I saw a couple mentions online of different ways people had tried to keep their shower doors water-droplet free. I wasn’t about to try spraying the doors with a coat of WD-40, like one person suggested. I did like the idea of using Rain-X, a glass treatment product originally intended to be sprayed on car windshields to help water bead up and improve driving visibility.

Here’s a potential new Rain-X slogan: “Not just for cars.” I followed the application instructions and it works like a dream. The shower spray beads up and runs down, so much less water stays and dries on the glass door. Now I can ignore that squeegee with a clean conscience.

  • Drew

    I assume this also helps you see your wife’s boobies as she showers?

  • Jordan Bond

    I have to add a big I AGREE to this. Rain-X works great on glass shower doors!

  • Max

    Is it possible to get this in england?

    • Euan

      halfords, asda and tesco

  • Jeff Winger

    I am pretty sure they put some wired shit in those chemicals that you are not supposed to expose your bare ass to it. looking forward to see your post on how to keep shower clean for cancer patients 😉 

    • http://twitter.com/srwoodruff Shannon Woodruff

      The most toxic thing in there is probably rubbing alcohol. https://www2.itap.purdue.edu/msds/docs/7756.pdf

    • sam

      I work for the company who created RainX. It is very safe so you shouldn’t worry about exposing your bare A** to it.

  • Bob1487

    I purchased the wallpaper for windows film and mounted it “inside” the shower.

  • Cicie Wang

    I was telling my husband about using rain-x on shower door after I read your blog, since I remember he mentioned it to me before, but never applied on it on our shower door. He told me on the label, rain-x actually tells you not to use it in door because it’s toxic. Just thought you should know; check the back of your bottle. We put rain-x on our cars and it’s awesome!

  • Tsetse3

    RainX is somewhat toxic, so make sure there’s ventilation and u get your naked body outta there quick after spraying

  • Debra Allen

    Where can this product be purchased?

  • Duval 26

    Found your site because of hardwater cleaning nightmare. Love love love it! Wanted to know if you knew about this version of Bar Keepers Friend?


    Would love to hear your reaction. Gotta rock – gone to get some Rain X!

  • Billandted

    I tried this for our shower that is constantly berated with hard water and it did not work. I also had this stroke of genius, but it didn’t pan out

    • sam

      the shower door needs to be cleaned from all of the build up on the surface in order for it to work. Watch this video, send me an email if you have questions: samg@unelko.com

      • Kirsten

        How do you clean the shower doors after you’ve treated it with rain X? How often should you reapply the rain X? Thanks for the great idea for how to maintain glass shower doors with much less effort.

  • James

    I tried Rain x for this, too. It worked all right. I also tried some stuff called Water Armour (www.waterarmour.ca) and it works far better! It costs more but you never have to reapply it and it works so much better!

  • disciple
  • takeanaotherlook

    RainX is not toxic and if you read the label it has iso alchohol in it.. so that just means don’t spray it in your eyes. It is for your glass and most glass products have alchohol or ammonia in it which is more toxic then this. Plus spray it on the glass only NOT THE TILE.. it works and is far cheaper over a 20 year period then any of the other products. Now if you have hard water buy a WATER SOFTENER no product will stop hard water..

  • Ed

    FYI: Rain-X was originally developed for aircraft, especially jets. In the high speed of flight, windshield wipers were non-functional. Rain-X solved the problem.

  • Sam

    how long between treatments? I also have a black glass tile with mirro bit embeded in the glass so I treated the whole shower ,just wear a painter’s resperator or you will end up with a head ache

  • uhenio

    have a question about water amour,they are from canada no phone # no way to contac them sounds like a scam I could be wrong but I looked everywhere for a contac number an found NOTHING

  • uhenio

    oh and they sell wateramour for 44.95 for 50 ml ,I look up the conversion it equal 1.69 oz doesn’t sound right but thats what it said

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