Quick Tip: Chop and Freeze Your Onions

Having a freezer bag full of chopped onions makes preparing a last-minute meal easier. Plus, freezing onions mellows their strong flavor.

This is a great tool for your food processor, if you have one. Chop the onions into quarters, then use the slicing attachment (not the grater, that will make too small of pieces) to dice your onions.

Chopping up an onion each time you want to cook with one isn’t that big of a deal, I’ll grant you that. But I find it nice knowing I can simply reach into the freezer and spoon as much chopped onion as I want into my saute pan.

  • Loschmannk

    Yeah! I just found your site……..major miniblind dilemma…..thanks for the swiffer info. next shower doors. By the way.where can I find Bartenders Friend?

    • http://themanlyhousekeeper.com Mark Evitt

      Certainly Target, Walmart or any home improvement store. It’s also available at my local grocery store. While I used their liquid cleaner, the powdered one will work, too. Just mix it with some water to turn into a thin paste, then apply.

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